Ketamine and a Crisis

Three days ago¬†Insta post: I started ketamine (4 times daily) and I was moved into a double and so far I'm alone in the room :') I hope the new meds will help me down my IV morphine and the room is just amazing. My nurse tonight works so hard to help make me comfortable.... Continue Reading →


The Hospital Situation

Currently the hospital has decided that there are no further medications or testings that they feel are necessary to determine what is going on. They sat us down and told me that they feel they "are nearing the end of what they can do", and told me that I should start meeting with psych to... Continue Reading →

Mental Health in the Hospital

  The state of our mental health is something that all of us must deal with at some point, and for many of us it is something we deal with daily. Whether we are struggling with anxiety, depression or a specific mental issue, these issues have a huge influence on our bodies and lives. Being... Continue Reading →

Art Style

Last year my good friend Lucas got a tattoo on his forearm, a lovely boat done downtown. It was the first time I had gone out since I had been in the hospital and I was so excited to be on "an adventure". For the whole process I watched as the artist completed the picture,... Continue Reading →

A Newer Beginning

The past few months being out of the hospital have been absolutely astonishing. I've been healing faster than I ever have before, and am stronger, have more energy and awake for longer than I have been in 7 years. I've gained 25lbs total and now sit at 105. I would like this to be the... Continue Reading →

To The New Year

My New Year evening celebration was spent hanging out in bed with a few of my greatest friends. They helped me get done up just in time for the new year, and we all danced in the kitchen watching the ball drop on one of our phones. It was a great start to 2018, and... Continue Reading →

Catching Up At Home

One of the hardest parts of being in the hospital is catching up at home. Not only in ways like organizing your room again, but doing your best to learn what has happened while you were gone. Being in the hospital is almost like being cut off from the world entirely. My friends visited me... Continue Reading →

Saturday, Dec. 30/17

Its 5am, and my feeding tube burst open. As disgusting as it is, it needs to be talked about. I woke up covered in stomach acid and a good portion of what was supposed to be my meal for the night, a couple containers of peptomen. Yesterday I was in the hospital for a hole... Continue Reading →

My job is chronic illness

  "What bi**h¬†working as hard as me?" - Cardi B Me, Cardi B. I'm working as hard as you, though going into 2018, I haven't been able to work a job for 3 years. My first "real job" was straight out of high school. I was new to being chronically ill, sleeping 14 hours a... Continue Reading →

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